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6 Apr

Retirement Travel Incentives: Air Travel Companionship


If you are retired or looking forward to your retirement, you might be planning some travel. Why not help others along the way? Perhaps in the course of your career, you might have done some or extensive domestic or overseas traveling. Your familiarity with various airports and your knowledge of the travel process is invaluable to other senior travelers who have either never had the opportunity to travel or must now travel alone and are anxious about it.

29 Jan

Safety 101 for the Savvy Senior Traveler

Travel Safety on Runway

You can do some simple things to increase your safety when you travel. To be safe:

  • Travel with a buddy.
  • Monitor the news and weather.
  • Use technology, such as a mobile phone or tablet, which can store “in case of emergency” (ICE) information.
  • Keep batteries on your electronic devices and cell phone charged. Most large airports offer charging stations. Read about the airports and the services that they offer.