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16 Nov

Packing with Children

Packing with Children

The holiday season is around the corner and it’s time to meet our family and friends. Many of us will be traveling out of the country, and some of us might be traveling alone with kids. Therefore, if you are traveling alone and need a helping hand, consider hiring a travel companion. There are many steps to getting ready for your trip. These include planning the trip, purchasing tickets, making reservations and finally packing.  In addition, if you are traveling with kids then you need to do some extra planning.

9 Nov

Bridging the Cultural Divide When Grandchildren Are American-Born

Getting to know each other over long distances - TripCompanion

When the grandchildren are American-born, everyone in the family needs to figure out a way to bridge the cultural divide.  Culture does not pass down through the DNA. Rather, it is more about sharing the same cultural environment.  Spending time together is the best way to get to know each other, seed your grains of values and ethics slowly one at a time.  You don’t need an extravagant vacation; it is more about quality time together.  Conversations about daily life, school, work and friends do not seem to be very exciting, but it is the foundation for building a relationship over time.

2 Nov

Snack Ideas for Kids on International Flights

aircraft gangway-changi airport-singaporeInternational travel can be tiring and exhausting especially if you are traveling alone with kids. Last year I traveled with my 7-month old infant daughter, and later realized that maybe I could have packed some snacks to make my trip even more worry free.  I have shared with you my experience of traveling with small children in my last blog, see, so let’s discuss the variety of kid-friendly snacks we can carry on flights.

19 Oct

Narita Airport: Terminal 1

aeroplane-ANA-787My trip back to the USA through the Narita International Airport (Terminal 1) was very nice!

For those with a long layover in the terminal, Terminal 1 offers some nice amenities, such as free access to power (got to charge those devices!), pay phones, free Wi-Fi, good souvenir shopping, fresh food, massage chairs at the gates, fabulously clean restrooms and special rooms for families/medical needs, and a properly smokey (and fairly crowded) smoker’s room.

12 Oct

Fun Things to Do When You’re Stuck at Home

Senior man-laptopStuck at home? You don’t have to be bored. If you are stuck because you don’t have a car or you are visiting family in the USA, perhaps you could walk, bike, skateboard, or try public transportation? The Bay Area has all kinds of travel options. Trying something new can be quite refreshing and fun.

However, if you have other things holding you back, such as a medical condition that means you have to stay at home or if leaving the house is such a burden that going out is not fun or restful, then check out these ideas to pass the time.

28 Sep

Traveling to India for Diwali?

Asian_Indian_Family_Diwali_CelebrationDiwali (”The Festival of Lights”) is one of the most popular Hindu festivals celebrated throughout the globe. If you are planning to travel to India during Diwali, you will experience lots of fun and excitement. During Diwali, all of India is decorated with lights. People worship the Goddess Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of wealth), light firecrackers, wear new clothes, and exchange gifts and sweets. Diwali is the time when families and friends meet, and if you are planning to visit India during Diwali, here are some tips for you.