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16 Mar

When to Say “No” to Your Travel Companion

flight companion boundary

A boundary is when you communicate your limits to the person you are travelling with. To communicate a limit, you usually have to say “no.” People have limits about many things, and many times these limits change depending on the situation. However, some things are not negotiable, and you have to say “no” and maintain a boundary when you are assisted by a trip companion or when you are providing the companionship service.

9 Mar

Expectations of An Air Trip Companion

Travel Companion Duties

What does TripCompanion expect from its air trip companions?

  • Honesty in your description of your upcoming trip and proposed services for a traveler.
  • Identification verification. When you sign up to become an air travel companion, you must confirm that you are eligible to fly internationally. You should upload a clear photo of yourself and enter your name in the TripCompanion app. When you publish your trip, the app will connect to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to provide us your number of connections and timelines.
18 Feb

11 Essentials to Put in Your Carry-On

Woman and her son pack her luggage

These eleven items can mean the difference between arriving at your destination refreshed or exhausted:

1. Ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones
If the noise inside an airplane cabin makes you anxious or unable to sleep, it’s unlikely that you’ll arrive at your destination refreshed. A pair of earplugs can make a world of difference for those times you need rest (and protect your hearing). If you want to stay alert for the flight and listen to music or watch a movie to unwind, noise-cancelling headphones can be just the ticket!

17 Feb

Would I Be a Good Air Travel Companion for Senior Travelers?



Many seniors have family in other countries that they want to visit, but would be more comfortable and feel less stress if there was someone to assist them. For some seniors, an air travel companion provides security and entertainment during a long trip. Note: An air travel companion does not provide skilled medical care, first aid, or toileting care.

6 Feb

Chinese New Year in San Francisco



First, get the dates right! The Chinese year is on the lunar cycle, so this year Chinese New Year’s Day is February 19, 2015. In San Francisco though, the festivities happen over a period of three weeks–before and after Chinese New Year’s Day. Your Chinese New Year’s experience could begin as early as February 14, and then end with the largest Chinese New Year Parade outside of Asia on March 7th. This gives you a big window for your trip so you can shop for better prices on airfare or hotel packages.

29 Jan

Safety 101 for the Savvy Senior Traveler

Travel Safety on Runway

You can do some simple things to increase your safety when you travel. To be safe:

  • Travel with a buddy.
  • Monitor the news and weather.
  • Use technology, such as a mobile phone or tablet, which can store “in case of emergency” (ICE) information.
  • Keep batteries on your electronic devices and cell phone charged. Most large airports offer charging stations. Read about the airports and the services that they offer.