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3 Sep

How I Relaxed in Changi Airport During a Long Layover!

Changi Airport-Singapore-SkytrainWhen your family lives on different continents, a family get together makes cross-country Thanksgiving travel seem trivial.

The last time we returned to Penang, Malaysia, we had a short transit in Hong Kong and then flew into Changi Airportthe World’s Best Airport 2014–in Singapore just after midnight. We had an early morning connecting flight to Penang, Malaysia. We were looking at a long 8-hour layover, which is not long enough to be worthwhile to book a hotel away from the airport.

27 Aug

Traveling with Small Children

Child-AirplaneLast year I traveled to India with my 7-month-old daughter to attend my brother’s wedding. I was excited, but at the same time worried about traveling with an infant. As a new mom, I needed to make sure that I had everything planned and ready for the trip, so that my little one could experience her first flight as comfortably as possible. I talked to my friends who had also traveled with infants and made notes. I made a list of all the things required for the trip. I bought some items and borrowed the rest from my friends.

20 Aug

Activities for Long Term Visitors to the USA

Grand Ma ReadingWhen family visits from halfway around the world, they stay for as long as possible—sometimes for months. Staying for a longer time might be because they can’t afford to travel back and forth, or because they want to help out with a new baby or other major life change, or they simply miss you and want to spend as much time as they can with you.

After catching up with relatives from out of the country, however, most people eventually run out of vacation time and have to return to work before their guests return home. Isolation by staying at home alone is not healthy even for older adults. What can your long-term guests do while you are at work and the kids are at school?

15 Aug

Airplane Noises: Is This Sound Normal?

airplane over taipei, taiwan. As stated by our travel expert, airplane noise can be reduced for a more comfortable family trip. If this is your first trip by airplane, you might be wondering what airplane sounds are normal, and why does everyone act like these strange sounds are OK. Well, even though most people act nonplussed about flying, some people become anxious about the unfamiliar sounds that they hear and worry that they might not be normal. Some people worry about their flight so much that they cannot enjoy themselves, or they end up bargaining with God. For someone who flies a lot, fretting the entire flight about some sounds is not a good coping mechanism. Don’t waste your mental energy. Learn how to deal with the thumps and bumps of air travel.

8 Aug

Traveling for My Passion: Dollhouse Miniatures

Miniature BirdsI have always been fascinated by miniatures. When I was seven, my parents gave me a dollhouse that they built from a kit. In high school, my parents helped me start to remodel that house, which now sits near me as I write this article. San Jose, California, has an annual dollhouse show. At the show last year I was introduced to the International Guild of Miniature Artisans and the Guild School held every year in Castine, Maine. I always wondered how I could learn to finish my house and its furnishing, so I selected some classes (“Dogrose Courtship” designed and taught by Beth Freeman-Kane and a slipper chair design class taught by Annelle Furguson) and went.

2 Aug

Is Your Travel Buddy Anxious About Flying?

Aeroplane-PassengerYou notice that the person that you are helping on a long-haul flight is suddenly chatty, jumpy, or unusually quiet before boarding. As the plane revs its engines and begins to taxi, your travel buddy begins digging their nails into the armrest and looking around suspiciously or praying. If this is that person’s first air travel experience, they might be experiencing some anxiety, and you as a travel companion can help make their first trip abroad a pleasant one.

24 Jul

Adult Music Camps: You’re Never Too Old to Learn Something New!

Kristi-playing-shamisen-japanese-instrumentMany people travel all over the world to visit family and for business. How about sandwiching business and family visits with a short class or private lessons on a topic that interests you? Music lessons anyone?

I love music, but I had never seriously started learning to play an instrument until this year. My instrument of choice is the shamisen, a three-stringed Japanese banjo of sorts. Shamisen teachers are a sort of rare breed, so I turned to the local Japanese-American community in San Jose’s Japantown and the Internet to connect with an online community called Bachido. At Bachido I can purchase streaming video courses, arrange Skype lessons with a teacher based somewhere far from me, find others locally to play with, and once a year attend a week-long camp that is held in Japan or the USA.

17 Jul

Parents Visiting the USA from India? Tap into Bay Area Resources

Asian Indian Senior CoupleIf your parents are visiting the USA—especially the Bay Area—from India, they can tap into the rich cultural resources that the Bay Area has to offer. The Bay Area is lucky to have communities of people from most parts of the world, and it is not difficult to find products, food, entertainment, and religious services. The first step is to get connected!