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Accompany Someone Home for Ancestors’ Day (Qingming)

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Qingming is a Chinese event dedicated to paying respects to one’s ancestors and reunite with family. It is a time to sweep the family tomb, replace flowers, burn offerings of joss paper, and take care of the graves of those who have gone before us. On this day people also go on outings or day trips and fly kites.

Chinese people travel long distances to return to the tombs of their ancestors for this event. If you are able-bodied and want to return to China for Qingming, chances are that others do, too, and you might already be booked to travel on the same flight. Would it be nice to meet a like-minded traveler going the same direction as you? Advertise your trip plan on the TripCompanion app.

You can also help others while on your way, and perhaps you could even accompany someone less able or a first-time air traveler. Why would you do this? Because in helping others, we actually help ourselves.

The next passage is from the Analects of Confucius:

子 貢 曰 : 「 如 有 博 施 於 民 而 能 濟 眾 , 何 如 ? 可 謂 仁 乎 ? 」 子 曰 : 「 何 事 於 仁 , 必 也 聖 乎 ! 堯 舜 其 猶 病 諸 ! 夫 仁 者 , 己 欲 立 而 立 人 , 己 欲 達 而 達 人 . 能 近 取 譬 , 可 謂 仁 之 方 也 已 . 」

You can read more about this celebration of life and respect for those who have passed before us at Qingming Festival on Wikipedia  or on the China Travel Guide website.

Planning your trip to China for Qingming

  • Verify the date of Qingming. Qingming’s date changes from year to year because it is based on the Chinese lunisolar calendar.Qingming is April 5 in the year 2015. For more information about the date of Qingming, see
  • Download the TripCompanion app.
  • Arrange for family to go with you or find a travel buddy.
  • Book tickets and lodging.
  • Check the weather forecast and plan what you need to pack.
  • Pack early and use checklists in the TripCompanion app (Resources page) to make sure that you have everything you need.
  • Pack your carry-on bag with travel essentials.
  • Remember something fun to do, such as read a book or a quiet travel activity.
  • Get to the airport early, meet your travel buddy or companions after you check in your luggage.
  • Have a wonderful time!

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