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5 Gadgets That Make Travel Easier

Gadget-Travel Companions

Your travel companion might have his or her own favorite gadgets or accessories that he or she can share with you before you leave on your next trip. These next five gadgets can make your travels pass more pleasantly.

  • Earplugs
    I interviewed a veteran business traveler this morning. When asked what travel gadget made travel easier he answered immediately, “Earplugs!” The sound-dampening that these little cheap pieces of moldable foam provide gives him the quiet he wants so he can rest or get some work or reading done. They also protect your hearing because noise exposure is not good for anyone’s hearing. Learn more about noise-induced hearing loss at  Then he added, “The other gadget I want is a device that provides me with an automatic upgrade to First Class!” Right. I want one of those, too!
  • Travel pillow
    The pillows that the airlines provide on international flights are OK, but when you fall asleep they do not help stop your head from falling over in an awkward position. Or worse, you fall over on the person next to you. Travel pillows help keep your neck stabilized, and you can wear them around your neck for a little warmth, too. These gadgets are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at convenience shops in most international airports. To save space you can get one that you blow up.

Note: You can save on these products, by purchasing last season’s models. Also check discount shops, such as Marshall’s or Ross Stores, or wait for special sales online from reputable distributors. You can also find new and lightly used bags on Ebay.

  • Smart phone or tablet computer
    A world of information is at your fingertips when you have a smart phone or tablet computer. Although not exclusively a travel gadget, these devices can be quite helpful if what you seek is information or entertainment on a long flight. They are small and so will not take much of your precious space. They are a bit high maintenance. They require charging and a subscription of purchase of data or a network subscription. Read about the best recent smart phone choices and the best rated tablet computers according to CNET.
  • Compression bags
    Compression bags keep my clothing neat and organized. By pushing out the air and sealing the bag you can save a dramatic amount of space. Now that having your luggage inspected or searched is more common, it also helps with a speedy search because the inspector can see and feel through the bags, and your items do not fall out of the suitcase.


Travel gadget summary
 Earplugs  $ Inexpensive  Convenience and healthy (protects your hearing)  Small and lightweight
 Travel Pillow  $ Inexpensive  Help you get some sleep and avoid neck pain  Medium size and lightweight
 Organizer or bag with multiple pockets  $$$-$$$$ Moderately expensive to expensive  Help you find things when you need them; avoid loss  Varies
 Smart phone or tablet  $$$$ Expensive  Convenience and entertainment  Small and lightweight
 Compression bags  $ Inexpensive  Helps you save space and if your luggage is searched; helps keep your items neat and clean  Thin and lightweight


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