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5 Do’s and Don’ts for in-flight conversation

in flight conversation-Whether traveling on your own or as a travel companion with a senior traveler, light hearted conversation make the journey go faster.  However since you will be together for a few hours, here are some do’s and don’ts.

1. Avoid politics
Politics is a sticky subject.  Someone may be very passionate or while others may not care.  Even if both of you have the same background, it is hard to agree on all fronts.

2. Don’t be judgmental
Always be opened minded, do not judge your seatmate’s behavior, meal preference or ability (or not) to sleep on the plane.  We are all different; put yourself in their shoes and it could help you to gain an insight to a different culture or social strata.

3. Take a pause, don’t be a pest
Some travelers have been very busy at home or work in order to be able to make the trip.  Or they may be working on the flight preparing for the a business meeting.  Pause from your chatting or even offer to a chance to your seatmate like “I am sorry to bother you! Would you like to take a rest or do something else”.  Honestly, non-stop talking from another traveler does tire me.

4. Tell a joke
If you have some well-exercised jokes, give them a try.  It may be a nice conversation starter.  Just back off if the joke falls flat.  Cheers!

5. Find a common interest
Instead of talking about yourself, find a common interest.  Start off with safe topics like food or culture.  It is definitely yummy!

Traveling with TripCompanion community is a great way to start a holiday.  Fly confident!